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Anna Perez, Owner/Designer

After 10 years of property management, I took leave to start a new career path and to go back to school. I spent four years at The Art Institute of Houston learning a craft that only came naturally to me. I love everything that has to do with design. Shapes, colors, type and layout are fun to me. If I had been told when I was a kid that I could make a living at it, I would have started this career first! 2011 when I started my education I knew I would be a business owner, not an employee. So I created a business name and hit the pavement immediately. I have learned so much from my rookie mistakes. But my passion is still strong as ever. I live to help. I love to make other peoples jobs easier. If I can do that for you, I have succeeded.

Art Institute of Houston 2011-2015

914 Grafix Est. 2011

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